#LadiesAndBabies: Second Trimester Scans And Checks

Welcome to the second trimester of the being pregnant. This part will likely be all about “The child is kicking!” pleasure. However not simply that, additionally it is if you end up extra comfy along with your being pregnant. You may additionally end up getting cosy with the second trimester scans and exams.

This week on LadiesAndBabies, we are going to focus on all the pieces you must know in regards to the second trimester screening take a look at.

Key Second Trimester Scans and Checks

As you enter the mid-trimester, the necessity for monitoring your child’s well being turns into all of the extra important. You could count on to endure particular evaluations for a similar. The second trimester screening take a look at will help you in additional caring for your self and your child. Given under are the required inspection that your obstetrician will counsel:

A number of Marker Checks

This take a look at can be generally referred to as the AFP take a look at or the Triple Display Check. It’s a blood take a look at by which the mom’s blood is examined for 3 varieties of gear. These embody:

  • AFP – AFP is a sort of protein that’s produced by the fetal liver. AFP protein could be present in amniotic fluid (the fluid surrounding the fetus).
  • Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) – hCG is a type of hormone generated by the placenta.
  • Estriol – That is an estrogen hormone produced by each the mom and the fetus.

If the degrees of those substances are discovered irregular, the healthcare supplier will take measures to guard the well being of the infant. Illnesses like Down syndrome, Spina bifida and extra could be detected with the assistance of this take a look at.


You could have quite a few ultrasounds all through the being pregnant. The second trimester screening take a look at or Degree 2 ultrasound helps in gaining essential data. As an illustration, it will probably verify the due date, see the anatomy of the fetus, decide blood stream patterns and monitor development, amongst different issues.


On this take a look at, the amniotic fluid across the fetus is checked for any kind of genetic abnormalities and different chromosomal problems. It is among the unusual second trimester scans and exams however is extremely dependable.

Glucose screening

Pregnant ladies are checked for glucose ranges in mid-trimester to search out the potential for gestational diabetes. The physician will first take a blood take a look at. As the following step, you may be requested to eat a sugary drink. Put up which the healthcare supplier will draw a pattern of your blood to examine the glucose ranges. These blood samples (earlier than and after consumption of the drink) will likely be in contrast to attract outcomes. This second trimester screening take a look at is often known as a glucose tolerance take a look at.

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Further Second Trimester Scans and Checks

Other than the actual exams talked about above, you’ll almost definitely have primary well being checkups. A few of these checkups could also be carried out each time you go to the physician. Here’s a record of extra, but obligatory second trimester take a look at:

Bodily evaluation: A full physique examination by which the practitioner checks you for weight achieve, blood strain and pap smear.

Fundal peak: The peak of your uterus is measured by calculating the peak from the highest of your pelvic bone to the highest of your uterus. Fundal peak is used to establish the size of the being pregnant.

Fetal heartbeat: This take a look at is completed utilizing a doppler ultrasound. The physician checks the speed of the heartbeat of the fetus.

Oedema: It is rather widespread for girls to expertise swelling in legs or ankles throughout being pregnant. This take a look at is carried out to look at any uncommon swelling in your physique.

Urine Checks: You can be requested to provide a urine pattern in order that the physician can examine for indicators of an infection and sugar ranges.

Blood exams: A blood take a look at throughout being pregnant second trimester helps in measuring platelet rely, examine sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and/or bacterial vaginosis.

Second Trimester Screening Check: Issues To Notice

Mid-trimester might provide varied exams however the extra the merrier. These exams won’t solely assist in monitoring your being pregnant however, additionally managing problems that will come up.

When is it completed? – The chief exams could be completed between weeks 15 – 22.

Is there a danger? – No, second trimester scans and exams are secure for you and your child.

How do I put together? – You could not require any further preparations. Discuss to your physician to know extra.

Do these exams harm? – Not majorly, blood take a look at throughout being pregnant second trimester might harm solely somewhat, as a needle will likely be inserted into your vein.

What to anticipate after the exams? – You can be requested to attend for the reviews for proceedings.


Your pleasure will likely be remarkably up as you’ll get to know extra about your child, with the assistance of the second trimester scans and exams. The physician will information you in regards to the additional course of being pregnant. In the course of the second trimester, if you happen to expertise any of the next signs, name your physician immediately-

  • vaginal bleeding or leaking of fluid from the vagina
  • persistent complications and vomiting
  • blurring of imaginative and prescient
  • belly ache and fever
  • ache or burning sensation throughout urination
  • swelling or ache in a single decrease extremity

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