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We’ve come a good distance for the reason that introduction of the trendy vape in 2003. You now have entry to higher, extra highly effective vaporizers than ever earlier than, and you’ll get pleasure from vaping nicotine with a number of the most mouth-watering flavors ever invented. 

The e-cigarette and vape market dimension has grown exponentially over the previous few years, reaching the worth of $12.four billion in 2019, with expectations that it’ll continue to grow at a compound annual development fee of 23.8%. Such market exercise has, naturally, attracted a number of consideration and brought about many to unfold misinformation and misconceptions about vaping. 

So, let’s shed some gentle on the most typical misconceptions and see what vaping nicotine is basically all about. 

  1. Vaping Nicotine Is Simply as Unhealthy as Smoking It 


The primary, commonest false impression is that vaping is simply as unhealthy as smoking. That in the end leads many to the conclusion that they need to simply hold smoking, as transitioning to e-cigarettes doesn’t make any vital distinction. 

The reality is, nevertheless, that smoking is incomparably worse, and you need to do all you’ll be able to to stop. Through the combustion course of, if you gentle up a cigarette, 1000’s of dangerous chemical substances are launched, at the least 70 of that are identified to trigger most cancers

After all, vaping isn’t fully innocent, both. In spite of everything, inhaling any aerosol comes with its personal drawbacks. However, since vaping doesn’t contain a combustion course of, considerably fewer chemical substances are launched, so it really isn’t the identical as smoking. 

  1. Vaporizers Are Tobacco Merchandise 

The following false impression is that vaporizers and e-liquids are tobacco merchandise since many retailers promote them as in style tobacco alternate options. Regardless of the title “e-cigarettes,” these merchandise don’t have a lot to do with tobacco. 

Most e-liquids include just some elements: water, provider liquid, flavoring, and non-obligatory nicotine. Though nicotine is mostly derived from the tobacco plant, that’s the place similarities between vaporizers and different tobacco merchandise cease. 

Tobacco cigarettes include dozens of elements and produce the aforementioned 1000’s of dangerous chemical substances. Vaporizers and their few elements don’t produce practically as many, and the non-obligatory nicotine is the one factor relating them to tobacco.  

  1. Nicotine E-Liquids Include Antifreeze 

Any skilled vaper has heard the declare – “e-liquids have antifreeze in them!”. That’s merely not true, at the least not if you’re shopping for merchandise from respected retailers with third-party testing. 

The reality is that almost all e-liquids include Propylene Glycol (PG) – it makes the e-liquid viscous, permitting it to hold taste and vaporize with out burning. PG is utilized in many meals: smooth drinks, popcorn, cake combine, dry soup, bread, and dairy merchandise, to call just some. It’s additionally one of many many elements in antifreeze, which is the place the declare originated. 

Simply because the identical ingredient is utilized in each antifreeze and e-liquid doesn’t imply they’re the identical product. Antifreeze additionally incorporates water, and so does your favourite smooth drink. That doesn’t imply that your favourite smooth drink incorporates antifreeze. 

  1. You Can’t Get Hooked on Nicotine E-Liquids! 

Whereas vapes aren’t tobacco merchandise and aren’t the identical as cigarettes, most of them include nicotine, which is an addictive substance irrespective of the way it’s consumed. So, sure, you may get hooked on the nicotine in e-liquids. 

Nevertheless, you’ll be able to select your nicotine focus when shopping for your e-liquid. Many merchandise can have anyplace between 3mg and 50mg nicotine. And, you too can use nicotine-free vape juice that incorporates none of this addictive substance. 

  1. You Can Vape Nicotine Wherever You Need 

Probably the most prevalent misconceptions amongst vapers is that they’ll use their vaporizers wherever they need – in no-smoke eating places, bars, workplace buildings, and many others. In spite of everything, vaping isn’t the identical as smoking, so anti-smoking guidelines don’t apply, proper? Improper. 

You’ll discover many locations that enable vapers to make use of their e-liquids even in non-smoking areas, however increasingly native and state jurisdictions have began prohibiting vaping in locations the place smoking isn’t allowed. 

So, as a common rule of thumb, if you wish to keep away from confrontation and even authorized troubles, it’s in your greatest curiosity to not vape in locations the place smoking is banned. 

  1. Vaporizers Will Explode 

After just a few viral tales about how vaporizers are exploding in vapers’ faces, many customers have develop into fairly involved. However, there’s no motive to imagine that vaporizers will simply randomly explode after they’re used. 

In most cases, issues happen when customers are careless and go away their gadgets uncovered to excessive temperatures or attempt to modify their vaporizers the DIY method. So long as you’re utilizing a vaporizer from a dependable model and distributor, you need to don’t have anything to fret about. Your vaporizer gained’t explode in your face. 

Ultimate Ideas 

There’ll at all times be myths and misconceptions about merchandise resembling vaporizers, however it’s usually simple to determine what’s true and what’s not. So, sit again, calm down, and luxuriate in your vape session with out worries. 

Disclaimer: The statements, opinions, and knowledge contained in these publications are solely these of the person authors and contributors and never of Credihealth and the editor(s). 

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